THE OLD HOUSE by Kate Maravan

Memory, loss, mother-daughter relationships and the hokey-cokey. Revisiting The Old House, Mother and Daughter hang on to fragments of what they know. Losses surface as seawater pushes and pulls over the shingle. Grief, laughter, liberation from the known, the wonder of the ordinary ebb and flow. 

By writer-performer Kate Maravan (Improbable, The Bush, Hampstead) ‘Maravan is outstanding’ Lyn Gardner 

'Inspired by my mother, The Old House explores an alive connection to the present moment, and how distinctions between well/ill, sane/insane, young/old are less defined.’ 

Audience comments:

‘So much beauty and sadness and complexity and silliness and everything human’

‘Spectacular, detailed, alive, and compelling' 

Director Kath Burlinson, Movement director Vincent manna, Sound designer Adrienne Quartly.


Summer 2018:

RADA festival  https://www.rada.ac.uk 2nd July 2018, 7pm.

Camden Fringe, Hen and Chickens Theatre http://www.henandchickens.com 16th and 17th August 6pm, 18th and 19th August 7.30pm

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